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Project Overview

Klick has been a trusted commercial advisor to life sciences organizations for over 20 years. They specialize in developing, supporting and launching their clients' brands and helping them realize their full market potential.

At $400M in revenue, Klick knew how to sell and deliver tremendous value for their clients. But what they don't teach you in hyper-growth school - that continuing to deliver on revenue targets and forecasts requires rigor and sales operations expertise.

That's where we came in.

We helped launch a global CRM initiative via Salesforce Sales Cloud and went from a pilot of 10 users to a live deployment of 125 in a period of only 4 months.

Project Execution

Our first step was to investigate the existing sales process, then define which elements would be kept and which would be discarded in the transition to Salesforce Sales Cloud.

We were ecstatic to find a healthy, flourishing sales program that needed some guardrails. We determined right away that some of the elements of the process that could be greatly improved included change auditing, pipeline inspection, unified revenue reporting and forecasting.

Together, we:

  • Defined a single sales process across distinct business units
  • Migrated existing sales data
  • Connected Salesforce and Slack for real-time visibility to key updates or deal movement
  • Created detailed analytics to forecast, identify pipeline gaps, etc.
  • Enabled the Klick sales operations team to be self-sufficient in administration

Project Results

With new tooling and guidance around best practices, Klick was able to understand previous, current and forecasted sales performance across the organization.

This approach has led to aligned, client-focused operations that help Klick differentiate from their competitors and continue to serve as a trusted advisor to their clients.

Some results that made us all smile:

  • Detailed forecasting by operating company, territory, client executive
  • Clear KPI measurements and targets for client executives and divisions
  • Repeatable process that eliminates ambiguity
  • Consistent improvement in tracking towards revenue goals.

We make a good match

ShadowRock has been an invaluable partner in our company's transition to Salesforce. They staffed a skilled team that helped guide our implementation from start to finish. ShadowRock's expertise with the Salesforce platform allowed them to quickly understand our unique business needs and propose customized solutions leveraging Salesforce products like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Within just 6-7 months, ShadowRock empowered our team to become self-sufficient with Salesforce  through hands-on training and ongoing mentorship. Their responsiveness and commitment to our success are unparalleled.  I would highly recommend ShadowRock to any organization looking for an experienced Salesforce architect and implementation partner.

Frank Jonke
Director, Sales Operations at Klick
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